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Knights Athletics

Knights athletics offers many opportunities for student athletes. Whether you enjoy running trails, spiking volleyballs, shooting hoops, chasing a birdie, kicking a ball or throwing implements, we have a spot for you. Our teams compete in Cross-Country, Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton, Soccer, and Track and Field events throughout the school year. With the exception of soccer, each of these activities allows our athletes to compete for provincial championships held throughout the province.

Over our 29 year history, we have won 6 provincial team championships, attended over 40 team events and had individuals competing in Cross Country and Track & Field events annually. Sportsmanship banners have been awarded to CACHS athletes on 5 occasions as well, the most recent being in 2015 to the boys volleyball team. It has been a rich history of athletics and God has blessed us with many opportunities to showcase our faith on and off the field in the public arena.


Our senior volleyball teams play in the 1A volleyball league. Our school competes in tournaments in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Picture Butte, Lacombe and Didsbury. Zone championships occur in the 2nd last week of November with provincial championships taking place in late November.

Girls' Provinical Volleyball Record

2001 2A Fifth
2004 3A Host - Silver
2007 3A Seventh
2008 3A Fifth
2011 2A Fifth
2014 2A Seventh

Boys' Provinical Volleyball Record

1993 1A Silver
1994 1A Bronze
1995 1A Gold
1996 1A Fourth, Sportsmanship
1997 3A Gold
1998 3A Gold
2000 4A Bronze, Sportsmanship
2001 4A Fourth
2002 4A Fifth
2003 4A Fifth, Sportsmanship
2004 3A Fourth
2005 3A Gold
2006 3A Fourth
2007 3A Bronze
2009 3A Eleventh
2011 2A Eleventh, Sportsmanship
2012 2A Bronze
2013 2A Fourth
2014 2A Bronze
2015 2A Silver, Sportsmanship
2016 2A Gold
2017 1A Gold

JV Girls' Volleyball

Bronze 3A-4A League 2006
Bronze 3A-4A League 2007

JV Boys' Volleyball

Silver 3A-4A League 2005
Bronze 3A-4A League 2007


Our senior basketball teams play in the 1A basketball league. Zone championships occur in mid April with qualifiers from the east and west. Our teams will participate in tournaments around the province and have gone as far as La Crete to compete.

Girls Provinical Basketball Record

1999 2A Seventh
2004 2A Host
2011 2A Eighth - Sportsmanship
2015 2A Sixth
2016 2A Silver
2018 1A Host

Boys Provinical Basketball Record

2000 2A Silver
2002 2A Fifth
2003 2A Eleventh
2006 2A Tenth
2012 2A Seventh
2018 1A Host - Bronze


Cross-country running events require athletes who enjoy battling courses with steep terrain changes, diverse weather conditions and distances from 3-7 kilometers in length. Each year we have athletes who qualify as one of the top 18 zone athletes and thus earn the opportunity to compete at provincial events. If you enjoy running over a variety of terrain cross-country season runs from September to October of each year.

2016 1A Team Bronze


Over the last several years, our school have participated in the Central Alberta Schools Soccer League and competed against schools ranging from 100 students to 2000 students. The season begins in early May and wraps up in the middle of June with a zone championship usually held in Red Deer.

CASAA Boys Soccer Record
2013 Fourth Place
2014 Fourth Place
2015 Third Place
2016 First Place
2017 First Place
2018 Second Place


Athletes at CACHS also have the opportunity to participate in badminton. Competitions are held in the area championships, zone championships, and if they qualify, the provincial championships.

Track & Field

Track season usually begin as soon as the snow departs from the fields and wraps up the first week of June with the provincial championships. Events range from running events: 100 – 3000 meters, jumping events: high jump, long jump, triple jump & hurdles, throwing events: javelin, shot put, & discus as well as relays of 100 and 400 meters.

Athletes compete in two qualifying events – areas and zones, each allowing the opportunity for athletes to compete at the provincial championships. At provincials the top sixteen athletes from around the province will compete for the title of provincial champion. CACHS athletes have won several medals in hurdles, shot put, discus, and high jump events.

1999 Wayne Prins - Bronze - Shot Put
1999 Randy Spelt - Bronze - 4x100 Relay
2002 Val Luymes - Gold - Shot Put, Silver - Discus
2003 Devon Bangma - Silver - High Jump
2013 Ian Vanderhoek - Silver - Javelin, Bronze - Shot Put
2013 Sarah Ubels - High Jump - Bronze


In 2011, some of our athletes indicated an interest and ability in the game of golf. Over the past number of years we have had teams participate and one individual and one team have qualified for provincials.

Alberta Schools Classifications

Up to 100: 1A
101 to 300: 2A
301 to 800: 3A
801 and up: 4A