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Reporting Absences

Please inform the school of your child’s absence(s) by calling or emailing the office at your earliest convenience.

Report Cards

C.A.C.H.S. is currently semesterised, and report cards are issued at mid and end of each semester (see calendar for this year's dates). Interview opportunities are scheduled soon after the reports are issued. A total of four report cards are issued each year. If concerns arise before a report card is issued, teachers will call home. If you have concerns feel free to contact the teachers.

School Cancellation

If Wolf Creek buses are cancelled for the day, CACHS be closed. We will also place the status of closures on the CACHS homepage. If the Wolf Creek buses are not running in the morning but running in the afternoon, CACHS will be open for school. Parents should assess the situation in their area and send their children to school when they deem it to be safe.

Information on school closures because of weather is available via the Wolf Creek Public Schools website, CACHS website and following local stations:

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