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Mr Travis Eggink

Principal //teggink@cachs.ca

I am passionate about students flourishing during their high school years and beyond. Each of us have been given talents and time to glorify God and realise eternal joy, peace and hope. I aim for CACHS to be a community where students can explore, challenge, and encourage their giftings, so that they are confident in who they are and their role within God's great story of love for His Creation.

Working at CACHS has been a wonderful opportunity both personally and professionally. My wife and I moved to Alberta in 2011. Through CACHS and other community involvements Lacombe has become our long-term home. Teaching largely social studies and physical education has allowed me professional balance and appreciation for a wide variety of students. CACHS athletics has been a highlight of my teaching career as well -- through my role as a teacher-coach in girls basketball and boys soccer along with fulfilling the athletic director role at CACHS. I completed a Bachelor of Arts with an honours major in history and a major in physical education at Redeemer University. I also completed a Bachelor of Education program at the University of Western Ontario, and my Master of Education in Educational Studies at the University of Alberta.

Mrs Jenna Vander Veen

Vice Principal // jvanderveen@cachs.ca

I began my teaching career at CACHS in 2008, after completing a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Education, focusing on Biological Sciences and Physical Sciences at the University of Alberta. I love learning about how the world ‘works’ and am always intrigued by its complexity and our roles in it. My goal as a teacher to is help my students think logically, creatively and responsibly so that we can reflect God more fully in this world.

Mr Kevin Reed


I grew up in the town of Three Hills. My father had been a Scout leader and as I grew up he was always encouraging us to observe and listen as we walked through nature. If we asked my mom a question about something she always encouraged us to look it up in the World Book Encyclopedia. From high school, I took four years of Bible school, worked four years in an insurance office and then went to the University of Calgary majoring in Education in Chemistry and Physics. I started my teaching career at the age of 28, teaching for one year in Alix and then coming to CACHS in 1991. I love to explore God’s creation in any of the subjects I teach and hopefully my students can enjoy that journey with me.

Mrs Shalyn de Boon


I grew up in the small, northern town of Athabasca, Alberta before wandering south for post-secondary studies at The King’s University. Little did I know, this journey which I thought would be about learning the necessary skills to become a teacher actually lead me to Christ. Becoming a Christian in my later years has helped me to recognize the significance of leading a Christ-centered life and I am excited that God is using me at CACHS to share the Christian perspective in my teaching.

Mrs Diane McLeod


I began my teaching career at CACHS in 1992. I had taught previously for three years in Port-au-Prince, Haiti at Quisqueya and for one year in Red Deer at Koinonia. I completed my Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Alberta with an English major and Biological Sciences minor. I love to study and enjoy God’s creation, and I also love reading, word games, and writing. I am challenged as a teacher, wife, and mom regarding the power of words for both edification and harm. My goal for my English students is to learn discernment in what they listen to, watch, write, and read as it creates a world not only for them, but for others too.

Miranda Beukema


I was born and raised in Edmonton and went to the U of A to complete both a science and education degree. I moved to the Lacombe area 12 years ago for a teaching job with Red DeerPublic. I love sports and enjoy many outdoor activities with my family. I am very excited to be working at CACHS this year, teaching Math and PE. I am looking forward to working together with teachers and parents to faithfully educate your children with Christ at the center of all things. Finally I look forward to getting to know the students to inspire, encourage, and equip them as they are challenged to find purpose and meaning through God’s will for their lives.

Mrs Christine Baltzer


I grew up on Vancouver Island near the community of Nanaimo. I attended Malaspina University- College (now Vancouver Island University) and received my Bachelor of Arts with a double major in English and History in 2002. The following year I moved to Vancouver and attended The University of British Columbia where I received my Bachelor of Education. After working and living in Nanaimo for a number years, I returned to University and completed a Master of Education in Special Education at Vancouver Island University in 2013. That same year, my husband (who is originally from Lacombe) and I decided to move our young family to Lacombe and live on acreage west of Lacombe. After taking some time off to be at home with my family, I knew it was time to go back to teaching. It is a blessing to be part of the CACHS community.

Mr Adrian Van Loo


I grew up in Edmonton, but I’ve moved around a fair bit. I graduated from the U of A with a degree in education, specifically Social Studies and Phys Ed. After spending a couple of years substituting near Edmonton, I was hired to be a Phys Ed and Social Studies teacher at CACHS, starting in 2021. I’m excited to join a kind and caring community, and to explore the challenges of living out a Christian faith with my students.

Mr Nick Den Oudsten


I am a farmer and supporter of Christian education. I was on the building committee and when they couldn’t find anyone to teach the engine/fabrication/welding class they looked my way. I have been taking apart machines and fixing things all my life, and I hope the students are learning something from this wizened old veteran. I think the students hands should get dirty and that they have the opportunity to fix, create and problem solve. My children have been blessed by CACHS and I continue to enjoy the times I spend with students inside and outside of the classroom.

Mr Darrell Stang


Mr. Stang began teaching at CACHS in September 2019 with the opening of the Industrial Arts facility. He teaches woodshop and construction courses that emphasis creativity, safety, and professional conduct. He brings an immense amount of experience in construction and wood craftsmanship to our school, and is excited about assisting students in developing their talents.

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