Philosophy of Education

The role of Christian Education at CACHS is to acknowledge God into all areas life. This education is centered on the teachings of Jesus Christ and students see and emulate the model of service He demonstrated. Students must be the primary focus of this educational process and equipping them for service in God’s kingdom must be the priority. Our students are challenged to make a difference in the communities they will work, raise families in and to become visible reflections of God. The foundation of Christian education must be based on truth as revealed in God’s infallible word. This word is alive, sustaining and directing Christians in committed service, the cultivation of Christian community, and witness to the secular world.

Students at CACHS will graduate with an Alberta High School Diploma and in addition will receive a Central Alberta Christian High School Diploma reflecting some additional courses with a Christian Focus. Students will graduate from CACHS with the skills necessary to go into both the workforce directly or onto post secondary institutions. Our graduates have gone into a diverse variety of jobs ranging from Doctors, Engineers, International affairs, education or the trades.

We offer a strong academic program allowing our students to successfully transfer to post-secondary institutions. In addition we offer a work experience program allowing students to explore the job market. We combine this with the Registered Apprenticeship Program for those students who are eager to begin their apprenticeship while in school. The Green Certificate Program is also available for those students who are interested in a farm related job experience while in school.

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