Admissions Policy

C.A.C.H.S. welcomes all those who are in agreement with the society's basis and aims, and meet the stipulations of the admissions policy. Parents who are new to Christian education are interviewed and enrollment recommendations are made to the Board.

Application Form


Independent schools in Alberta receive partial funding for the children they educate. In order for these schools to provide a complete education to their students, extra funds are required. As a result, parents are required to pay a tuition for their child(ren) to attend. At CACHS the tuition does not account for the capital cost of the building. An annual drive for principal and interest will be held in the fall of each year. Please be generous when a canvasser calls on you during the Fall Drive. For information regarding tuition payment and amount please contact the Business Administrator - Mrs. Wendy Barnes at 403-782-4535.

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